worried i’m becoming a minimalist in that I’ve defo been feeling the burden of my ownership of certain things maybe it’s because I’m having to pack up and return ‘home’ that i noticed how much shit i’ve accumulated urge to throw out has been unavoidable recently as soon as i could when i went home for only a day i started throwing out old art making space i want to facilitate through work not create end points () i guess it’s more: looking for an exit from a super accumulation “Art work has only a tintering of what it attempts to represent to the artist and to responsive observers. It is not beneficial, nothing is gained from it, and it does not tell the truth. It is enjoyed or not according to the condition of the observer. A very small gesture of exultation.” agnes martin’s writings ==v strong enticed that she built a couple of houses herself? a gay icon/“queen of acrylic” i want to build a house(s) or a least functional things, like tables tables for accumulation and living and working her houses seemed kinda reflective of the work she made in them ADOBE SLABS ie a fundamental, grid is fundamental line line line horizontal anything structural i make has to be rlly fucking strong vicken parsons, martin, marten i still like painting, but i don’t think i will paint infinitesimal accumulation keen on digital practice/studio still i don’t like keeping it so insular working seems purely to be for having it seen even working solely on a computer (laptop even, more enclosed) was all done with “this will be seen(eventually)” in the back of my mind something feels so primal vital, about having built a structure you make work inside live inside? looked at Creek something college, manual labour and self governing and education are their tenants (three pillars) and I will take them up as mine too, i think. modular, mobilised, slippy structure containing a process, a circuit a living (it’s a living :>) pure maths works as a starting point good index of a minded ‘perfection’? i don’t think i want perfection perfection is as impossible as control (they are linked) infinitesimal error has bugged me for a long time like the idea any measurement is inaccurate that i can’t trust ha talking like some neo-geo artbro, i won’t be making neo-geo paintings, don’t you worry no perfection no control performance (is about control?) maybe, i don’t know (I’m glad i don’t know things) parameters are set but in performance you can’t ever properly control anything anything involving my body immediately brings to mind hearts and heart beats and bpm and the fear i might die which i guess is natural the natural is to be dismantled natural functions (what occurs innately) (the annoying straight dudes sat across me left the train, thanks) no i don’t want to be making work about heart anxiety or my mother (am i doing that now? i hope not) feels exploitative and especially when i haven’t even grieved i don’t want to make work grief i still maintain i like being alive (silly silly)