sentimental!!! but not what i'd call a negative aspect of the work. weird child-homunculus generation process going on here; reminds me of kind of cultic/ritual practices, idol worship etc not only just simply refering to childhood objects of comfort. the implications of crafting a new earthen girl child for comfort. Maybe even an entagling-with discourses surrounding the ethics of child birth: w/ human populations currently and projected to be unsustainable, what are the ethics of creating ur own child homunculi proxy? the child is a carrier bag fiction for healing. "child doll: re-birthed"; or perhaps reincarnated, keeping all past dolls non-earthly contents (memories, lived experiance). is a good demonstration (as an act) of the properties of fiction: how fiction is used for healing, for progression, storing ideas, letting ideas decay and reform in a situated living-experiance... mentioning materiality (groans all around, llol) is cleary a key interest here: talk of plaster vs wax etc, what "warmth" potential for being receptive to emotions. fracturing the dolls essence into multiple doll proxies; ie talk abt splitting the 'fragile memory' of DOLL into a brittle physical form, and a warmer, more smothering doll into wax. does each proxy-doll contain the same 'personality' of DOLL, or do they all orbit around essence of DOLL, not exactly embodying the specific doll u mention.