SUN 09/06/19 reflecting back on last week (03/06/19-07/06/19) recent desire to work towards performance is becoming un-ignorable, though i still have doubts concerning it being me potentially doing that, and i still like how generous and open interactive work is and can be. i still see my body and the way i handle myself to be kinda err inappropriate for performing? i’m not especially *that* in anyway (ie i’m kinda just some sort middling, hunched nerd); im not tall or small, and any sort of horrible body feature is generally out of the way with clothes on (i hope!!!), and i’ve felt for quite a while now performing in your mother tongue is almost impossible to make work (so no words involved on my part even if i do). i don’t take myself or how i look seriously enough for it perhaps. and what got me thinking about this all especially is the way a certain crits went last week (a week of (too) many crits), where rightly the way i had set up the work deterred anyone but me from actually interacting with it - and so i ended up doing a completely impromptu, short, awkward ‘performance’ involving me waving a hand or foot in front of a sensor to impact a map on screen. it got me thinking if this could be a better way for ppl to experience work i’ve done? as some sort of spectacle rather than immersion? I’ve been wanting to use sound/vibrations sensors for a while (working on it @////w////@), and given my past exp. in music tech+comspci, ive been thinking towards having things such as loop pedals, drum machines, more broadly: sound involved. [UPDATE]